April 22nd, 2021 Meeting Minutes

On April 22nd, 2021 Deb Johnson called the meeting to order (this meeting was originally scheduled for April 15th but had to be postponed).  She also stated that the open meetings act is posted on the east wall of hall.  Those answering to the roll call were:  Deb Johnson, Mike Croghan and Amber Phillips.  Sue Matchett came late and Josh Slonecker was absent.  After the clerk read the minutes from the March 17th, 2021 meeting and after the next meeting date was added Amber Phillips made a motion to accept the minutes.  Mike Croghan seconded, all were in favor with none opposed.  Mike Croghan made the motion to accept the treasurer report dated April 22nd, 2021.  Amber Phillips seconded the motion all were in favor with none opposed.  April 2021 Bill were:  Kathy Eaton, Clerk fees $230.87; Will Eaton maintenance $534.00; Rob Hermsen, burn brush pile $120.00; Kathy Eaton, Renewal of Domain Name for website for a year $32.95; Limbonia Teck, silver package domain hosting for a year of web site; Menards, hall supplies $65.90; J & B Auto Parts, fuel line parts $7.00; Pekny and Assoc. 1st quarter tax preparing $55.00 and BPPD electricity 312.10.  Amber Phillips made a motion to pay April bills, Mike Croghan seconded the motion all were in favor with none opposed.  The clerk read aloud a letter the clerk received from Sip Trowbridge.  Deb Johnson talked with the butler hwyway department trying to get a reduce speed sign on Spur 12a for vehicles coming off of spur and going onto Maple street are going way too fast.  Clerk told the board 2 35 foot dumpsters are to be brought in for town clean up May 8 -May 23.  The clerk printed up posters.  This cleanup is for only residents of the village.  July 4th the Linwood fire department would like to participate in the celebration the weekend before the 4th.  Nick Cherny talked to Deb Johnson about the Village Signs and possibly using powder-coated posts.  Mr. Cherny is suppose to check for price from Valmont.  Deb Johnson said she has been in contact with Roy and Denise Harris about the progress on the cleanup of the old dance hall property.  Mr. Harris would like the board get rid the Village’s nuisance ordinance.  She has tried to explain that this are what the Nebraska State Statues read and are guide lines for towns and villages.  He is threating to put up a sign calling the board hypocrites of enforcing the ordinance just on this property.  But the boards reason for getting the property cleaned up is it is right next to the park, has not been maintained for 10+years, weeds over 5 feet tall, wild animals going in and out of old dance hall.  The owner of the property in the 400 block of Pine street has taken down trees and used them and dirt to fill in hole from old house that use to be there.  Gravel has been ordered.  Sue Matchett would like 4th street to be graded for there are holes from traffic.  Next meeting date is May 20th, 2021 at Village hall starting at 7 pm.  Amber Phillips made a motion to adjourn meeting at 7:45.  Sue Matchett seconded the motion, all were in favor so meeting adjourned.