August 2021 Meeting Minutes

At 7 pm the Linwood Village Clerk, Kathy Eaton called the meeting of the board of trustees of Linwood to order.  She also stated that the open meeting act is post in the hall.  Those answering the roll call were:  Susie Matchett, Amber Phillips, Josh Slonecker and Mike Croghan, Deb Johnson, chairperson was absent.  The Clerk then ask for a temporary chairperson for meeting motion.  Mike Croghan nominated Amber Phillips.  Josh Slonecker seconded the motion, all were in favor with none opposed.  The clerk then turned the meeting over to Amber Phillips.  After the clerk read the minutes from the July 15th, 2021 meeting Josh Slonecker made a motion to accept the minutes as read.  Susie Matchett seconded the motion all were in favor.  Mike Croghan made a motion to accept the treasurer report dated August 19th, 2021.  Susie Matchett seconded the motion, all were in favor.  Josh Slonecker made a motion to pay the August 2021 Bills:  Kathy Eaton, clerk fees-230.87, Will Eaton, maintenance-561.02, Jim Overton, mowing park-115.44, J7B Auto Parts, oil filter-12.09, Waste Connections of Nebraska, hall garbage-70.00, Lincoln Journal Star, legal publication in Banner Press-19.78, Bomgaars, supplies-48.93, Schuyler COOP, fuel-32.22, Behlen Mfg., 2 town sign frames-1701.23, Robert Hermsen, burn brush pile 2x, BPPD, electricity-332.82.  Susie Matchett seconded the motion all were in favor.  There were no correspondences.  Roy Harris wanted to be reimbursed for court costs.  Susie Matchett made a motion to deny any reimbursement.  Mike Croghan seconded the motion all were in favor with none opposed.   State and maintenance got lower speed signs up on Maple street. And if that does not help the state will put up a stop sign up where the payment ends and make it a 4-way stop if the board requests it.  Will got the frames for town signs need to be painted and put up.  Clerk needs to write up what the board listed for a policy on replacement of sidewalks within the village that is on the Village right-of way.  No one responded to the request of more information on affordable alternative commercial insurance from LARM.  The clerk is to try and contact them again.  Josh Slonecker made a motion for the liquor license renewal for “No Where Special” for the clerk did not receive any objections from the public.  Susie Matchett seconded the motion and all were in favor.  The clerk is to get information from BPPD about putting electrical line under ground by the burn pile.  The board ok’d the purchase of a tractor from Nebraska Government Surplus.  When Will Eaton went down to pick up, a John Deere Gator came available at the same cost, so he got that instead of the tractor.  For it will be useful.